New York State Ride Program

NYS-Ride is a program that allows state employees to pay for certain work-related public transportation expenses on a pre-tax basis. By enrolling in NYS-Ride, you can save money on work-related transportation expenses - fares for riding buses, trains, subways, ferries, and other types of mass transit or vanpools - and support a greener New York.

The IRS has just increased the allowable pre-tax amount.  Effective for the January 2009, you may set aside up to $120.00 per month in pre-tax salary when you enroll in NYS-Ride.

Employees who participate in NYS-Ride save up to 40% on transportation expenses and average $416 in savings annually. For program details, such as enrollment and eligible commuting expenses, you may view the NYS-Ride flier in PDF format (1055kb).

If you have any questions about NYS-Ride, visit: or contact WageWorks customer service at 1-866-428-7781 or by email at