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Human Resource Forms

Appointment & Vacancy Forms

Adjunct Appointment Authorization Form (White)
Annual Authorization for Professional Appointment
Dual Employment 1588/Extra Service Approval Form
Part Time Professional Appointment Authorization Form & Extra Service for Full Time Professionals (Yellow)
Part Time Civil Service RENEWALS ONLY Authorization Form (Pink)
Student Assistant Appointment Authorization Form (Green)
UP-6 M/C Extra Service Form
UP-8 UUP Extra Service Form
Civil Service Vacancy Description
Request to Hire - Classified, Professional and Faculty
Temporary Staffing Form


Evaluation Forms

Candidate Evaluation Form
Classified Staff Annual Evaluation Form
Professional Evaluation
Professional Performance Program
Promotion Application for UUP Professionals

New Hire & Personnel Forms

Change of Address Form
Credential Verification Release Form
Employee Information Form
Oath of Office Card
Relocation/Moving Reimbursement - Policy - Request Form
Travel Reimbursement for Candidate/Non-Employee - Instructions - Form
University Police Background Investigation Questionnaire  
Volunteers - Policy - Request to Hire Form - Application

Payroll Forms

Direct Deposit Form
IT-2104 Form
W-4 (2017) Form

Time & Attendance Forms

Leave Donation Program - Guidelines - Form

Leave Request Form
Additional Leave Request Form
Return to Work Form
Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule

Classified Service Time & Attendance Sheet
Full Time Faculty Attendance Voucher
Management Confidential Time & Attendance Voucher
Timesheet for Temporary Hourly Employees
Timesheet for UUP Hourly Employees Who Accrue Time

Benefits Forms

FMLA Forms & Information
ERS Loan Applications - Form for Tiers 1 & 2 - Form for Tiers 3, 4, 5 & 6 
Tuition Assistance - SUNY B-140W – InstructionsForm
Tuition Assistance - UUP - Instructions - Form
Tuition Benefits Program - CSEA - Flyer - Form
SUNY Voluntary Savings Plan (403B) SRA Form

Workers' Compensation Information