Proper dress in laboratories at Farmingdale State College

Farmingdale State College follows universal laboratory safety guidelines that prohibit open-toed shoes, sandals and other "skin exposed" footwear in the laboratory. In addition, shorts, miniskirts and tank tops are discouraged in all laboratories and where hazardous conditions exist.

Please click here to open a sign that the Office of Environmental Health & Safety created for you to print out and post (laminate if possible) so that it’s clearly visible to all those entering and working in your lab(s). This sign identifies proper attire in the laboratory – the “do’s” and “don’ts” of proper lab attire if you will.

In summary, any clothing that exposes large areas of skin and jewelry should not be worn in the laboratory. Feel free to leave a pair of shoes or long pants in your office/laboratory for use in the lab. If you want to wear short sleeve shirts to the lab, then put on a lab coat once inside. Good laboratory safety begins with the appropriate attire – let’s all set an example for our students as well and be sure they’re following these guidelines as we all surely will.

Remember! Wearing proper attire is one of the best ways to prevent an exposure to hazardous materials in the laboratory.

Please call the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at 631-420-2105 with questions regarding proper attire in the laboratory.


 MSDSonline is HERE!

After many months of hard work and effort, we’re now officially rolling out Farmingdale State College’s new Chemical Inventory and Safety Data Sheet Management System. This system is meant to complement our existing program (i.e. hard copies in binders, etc.) and aims to serve the entire campus community, not just those working in laboratories or directly with chemicals or chemical products. Therefore, it’s important for each of you to acclimate yourselves to the site and service, and at a minimum, know how to access it.

I’d suggest you begin by reviewing the associated elements of this program described in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management section of our website (click here), then click on the links therein to access MSDSonline, the Chemical Inventory and Safety Data Sheet Management System. Once in MSDSonline, it’s strongly recommended that you bookmark this link for quick and easy access – you never know when you’ll need this resource, but if/when you do, it’s likely you’re going to want to get what you need as quickly as possible, particularly in an emergency!

When you click on the MSDSonline link(s), you should come to the MSDSonline home screen which looks like this:



The default view gives you a search engine to search through the millions of Safety Data Sheet’s in MSDSonline’s bank of data sheets. You may use this feature to find a data sheet not currently assigned to your specific location, or to retrieve one for a new product, etc. However, the goal here is to make this program as customized/specific to Farmingdale State College as possible, whereby you’ll be searching through ONLY the data sheets we have here on campus, roughly 2,000 or so when all is said and done, making it a much cleaner and efficient search.

There is no need to “Log In”!!! We’ve set this to our IP range, meaning as long as you access these links on a computer or device on campus, you’ll get in without the need to Log In.

To access data sheets for the chemicals reported to EH&S as part of this effort, select (from this screen pictured above) the “Locations” tab at the left and navigate to your specific location(s). This is where we placed all of the data sheets associated with the chemicals included in the inventory(ies) received to date.

I should also point out that all of the Chemical Inventories (Excel files) can be found in the “Safety Center” feature of MSDSonline. Simply click on the “Safety Center” tab to the left of “MSDS Search” and scroll down to “Resources” (see screen shot below) – you should find the Excel files/inventory(ies) there that identify the chemical name(s), quantities, sizes, locations, etc.

safety center screenshot


 Farmingdale State College has invested in and is actively using E-Mist Technology, used in the control and prevention of infections such as MRSA, receives Top Innovation of the Year Award

Farmingdale State College has acquired two E-Mist units that are used throughout campus and is especially helpful in keeping our athletic facilities infection free. E-Mist has recently announced that (ICT), an internationally recognized Pan-Access collective, has selected the company as a Top Innovation of the Year. ICT is dedicated to infection control and prevention and actively publishes peer-reviewed research articles and perspective pieces focused on the topics of infection control and prevention. Click here to read more...


As always, got questions? Please contact EH&S at or call (631) 420-2105.