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Unsure about a college major?

Unsure about which of two majors is the right one for you?

Do you know which major you want, but you need to brush up on your math or English or science first? If you fall into any of these categories, and you want to be a full-time college student, stay here and read more about our unique department - the Undeclared Major.

If you are unsure about a college major and a post-college career our Program can give you the home base you need while you are making your decision. You can enroll as a full-time student taking courses that can lead to your graduation with either an Associate's or Bachelor's degree (your choice!) in the college. During your first year we provide advisement and a selection of Freshman Experience courses that will help you improve your decision-making and choose a career.

You will move from indecision to certainty, in most cases in one semester. Are you unsure about which of two majors to choose? We will help you choose courses that will enable you to make a final decision as to your major, as you continue toward a college degree.

Totally unsure about a major, but you know that you want to earn a college degree? You know that you can do it, but are unsure about a career? You can also be enrolled as a full-time student. You will be advised to take our career planning course for Freshman - FRX 103. By the end of the semester, most students who take the course have narrowed their career decision enough to enable them to choose a major.

What does this mean for you? It means that by the beginning of your second semester you will have plotted a career goal and a path that will enable you to reach that goal.