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Have you chosen a major and a career, but are lacking in the pre-requisites for admission?

In the Undeclared Major, you can complete those prerequisites and at the same time be a full-time college student with courses that move you forward toward your degree.

Our students have become teachers, engineers, nurses, computer specialists, business specialists, medical and dental practitioners, social workers, social scientists, horticulturists, sales, police officers & lawyers, managers, life scientists, HTML designers, etc. The list is as long as our list of "alumni" names. Your decision to join them and to create your unique path to success starts with your application to the Undeclared Major Program.

I invite you to call, E-mail, or FAX. I'd like to meet with you, discuss your career dreams, and encourage you to make those career dreams real.

Dr. Anjana Mebane-Cruz, Coordinator
Memorial Hall, Room 100
Phone: (631) 420-2638
Fax: (631) 420-2427
email: cruza@farmingdale.edu