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Freshman Experience

Approximately 80-90% of colleges and universities offer at least one "freshman experience" course; many offer one-year programs for freshmen. Freshman courses and programs are not a trend. The courses and programs offer freshmen (those most likely to drop out) the intellectual and personal support they need during what can be an overwhelming first year of college. Research indicates that such courses build a sense of community among students, pride in the institution and increased self-confidence and self-esteem among the students who enroll in such courses and programs.

One university (SUNY/Buffalo) discovered a 90% retention rate among those students enrolled in its freshman orientation course (UB101). For some parents and students, there is greater willingness to attend college away from home knowing that a "Freshman Experience" course or program will help the adjustment to college. Most Undeclared Students are expected to take, or may be assigned at least one FRX course during their freshman year.

SUNY/Farmingdale's Freshman Experience courses are consistent with the College's mission to "recognize its fundamental teaching and students' development at all degree levels."

The Freshman Experience

(01) 1 credit

The course will enhance successful adaptation to college life. Topics relate to the academic, social, economic, health, and interactional factors that influence collegiate success. Enrollment is limited to matriculated FRESHMEN ONLY. While this course is open to all students, priority is given to Undeclared Major students.

FRX 103 - Career Planning for Freshman
Credits: 2.00
This course is designed to assist freshmen that are undecided about choosing a future career or major. The course emphasizes self-assessment, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, educational and vocational planning, orientation to college and reality testing. A successful adaptation to college is an overall goal of the course.
Lecture: 2.00
College: Arts & Sciences
Department: Undeclared Major