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The Undeclared Major Program is a one-year freshman program. It is designed to accommodate students who meet admission requirements to Farmingdale, but are either undecided about a career or degree program, or who have decided on a program but for various reasons have not met the requirements to enter that program. We also work with students who have a tentative career or degree in mind but wish to try a course out before declaring a major.

The college-level courses taken by students while in the Undeclared Major Program are applicable toward their degree once a degree major has been declared, provided those courses are needed to fulfill graduation requirements for the program. Many students will work towards fulfilling General Education Requirements while in the Undeclared Major Program. Proper one-to-one advisement is a feature of the Undeclared Major Program and students are advised each semester in order to assure that they are moving appropriately towards the degree of their choice.

The Undeclared Major Department offers two courses, ideal for freshman, FRX 101 and FRX 103. Unsure about a major or career? Take FRX 103- Career Planning! The course emphasizes self assessment and helps guide the student through the job market. Concerned about adjusting to college life or academic requirements? Take FRX 101- The Freshman Experience! The course helps students transition from high school to college and covers time management, study skills, and campus services. Both courses are college-level courses and may be applied towards total credits earned.

Dr. Anjana Mebane-Cruz, Coordinator
Memorial Hall, Room 132
Phone: 631. 420.2638
Fax: 631.420.2427