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Entrance Requirements

In addition to the College admission requirements listed in the college catalog, the MLT program requires that student's have a strong background in mathematics (2 units of sequential/integrated math 1,2 required - elementary algebra and either plane geometry or intermediate algebra) and sciences (2 units - laboratory biology required, laboratory chemistry recommended).

NOTE: Only students who are accepted into and matriculated in the program will be allowed to take courses designated by the course code MLT, with the exception of MLT 105: Medical Laboratory Techniques.

Non-Discrimination Statement

The MLT Program, as part of Farmingdale State, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, age, national origin, handicap, marital status, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam Era veteran, in the recruitment into and operation of the program.

Non-Academic Admissions Requirements

Students entering the MLT curriculum must complete the College entrance requirement of a physical examination demonstrating satisfactory physical and emotional health, as well as the necessary proof of immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella. MLT students will also be expected to meet the technical standards that are necessary to perform the "essential functions" of a Medical Laboratory Technician. These technical standards are as follows:

The student must have sight, hearing, and speech within normal limits.The student must have manual dexterity of both upper limbs.Motor skills must be within normal limits.The student must be able to participate in all clinical lab areas without limitation.Students with convulsive disorders must present medical certification of:Being seizure-free for one year prior to admission to a clinical course.The ability to participate in the clinical lab areas without limitations.

Students who have been hospitalized for a psychiatric disorder must present medical
certification of:Continued evidence of good emotional health.The ability to participate appropriately in the clinical lab areas.
A person who cannot perform the "essential functions" of the profession will not be considered qualified for entrance into the program and may be denied access without being subject to legal action for discrimination. Both section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. 29 U.S.C.A. Section. 794, and the new Americans with Disabilities Act prohibit discrimination against "otherwise qualified" persons with a disability. Those persons not meeting the technical standards are not considered "otherwise qualified" to enter into the profession.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit will be granted for course work completed at accredited colleges with a minimum grade of "C-", provided the level and the content are substantially equivalent to that offered at Farmingdale. Transfer credit will be awarded only for those courses applicable to the MLT degree.
Students who wish to register for courses at another college while matriculated in the program must consult with the MLT chairperson before registering to obtain written verification that the course(s) is the equivalent of required courses offered at Farmingdale State. Official transcripts should be submitted and evaluated as soon as the courses are completed to ensure credit is received.


The following is the procedure by which applications for Credit-by-Evaluation will be processed:

Inquiry is made by an applicant to the Chairperson of the MLT program.The Chairperson will determine whether the credit by evaluation is warranted based upon documentation submitted by the applicant. For courses not designated by the course code MLT, the Chairperson of the department indicated by the course code designation will make
this decision. The appropriate form of examination and the level of proficiency that must be demonstrated to receive credit will be agreed upon at this time.If approved, the applicant will be required to pay the appropriate fees, after which the examination will be administered at the time specified by the department Chairperson.Credit will be awarded only if the applicant achieves the predetermined level of proficiency, else the student will be required to register for and complete the challenged course.

Physical Examination Requirements

All students must submit evidence of satisfactory physical and emotional health at the start of each year of matriculation in the program. Clearance must include evidence of appropriate immunization, triple titers (M.M.R) and Mantoux test for Tuberculosis.

Program Costs

In addition to College tuition, fees, and room and board charges, Medical Laboratory Technology students should anticipate additional costs for books, supplies, transportation and personal expenses, some of which are estimated below using 2004 prices:

Lab coat rental required for all MLT courses must be paid through the Auxiliary Services Corporation. The cost is as follows:

  • MLT 105 only -$30 1 MLT Lab -$45
  • MLT 105 & 1 other MLT Lab - $75 2 MLT Labs - $85
  • MLT 105 & 2 other MLT Labs - $105 3 MLT Labs - $115

The rules and regulations regarding student lab coats is included at the back of this handbook and must be signed and submitted by the student at the start of each academic year.Latex gloves may be required for all MLT courses at an approximate cost of $12-18 per semester based on average student use of 2-3 boxes (varies per student).Transportation expenses for all travel to assigned clinical sites.

Financial Assistance

Federal and state governments, business, industry, organizations, and the University combine to provide students with a variety of scholarships, grants, loans, and work programs. Part-time jobs are available through the Federal College Work Study Program on campus. Applications and information concerning all forms of financial aid, including available scholarships and awards, may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office, Room 324, Laffin Hall. Please call (631) 420-2578 or (631) 420-2346.
Professional associations within the laboratory sciences also offer scholarships and awards to students enrolled in the MLT program. Contact the MLT Department Chairperson for information regarding these opportunities.