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Distance Learning through Open SUNY

Farmingdale State College's ANGEL

IMPORTANT NOTE: Farmingdale State is currently moving to Blackboard Learn click the link below to see if your course is one of the selected courses for the Fall 2014 semester.

Blackboard Learn Course Information

Access Your ANGEL Course
Username / Password Information
Student Orientation
ANGEL Help Desk

Access Your ANGEL Course

If you are registered for an ANGEL course, you will be able to access your ANGEL course at: Angel Course Management System

Logon with your ANGEL username and password (see below).

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Username/Password Information

What is my ANGEL username? Usernames begin with the first four characters of your last name, your first initial and your middle initial (if available), and is followed with a dash and FAR (Farmingdale's Angel code). In some instances, this will result in a duplicate username. In these cases a random number will be appended to the end of the username. Some examples:

Note: Usernames are case sensitive and should be typed as shown below.

John K. Smith - smitjk-FAR
Susan Johnson - johns-FAR
Stacy Johnson - johns3-FAR
Al Yee - yeea-FAR

Your initial password will be the Farmingdale ANGEL code "far" followed by your date of birth:

NOTE: If you have signed on to Angel before, you will need to use that password, not the initial password described here.

Date of Birth  Password
March 09, 1974 far030974 (please note: password is case sensitive)
August 03, 1977 far080377

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Student Orientation

Once you log into your course, the first thing you should do is to go through the Student Orientation.  A link to the orientation can be found on your ANGEL home page.

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Open SUNY Help Desk

The SLN Help Desk is available to help you at any time with Angel login issues. To contact the SLN Helpdesk call 1-800-875-6269 or email at SLNSupport@itec.suny.edu.

NOTE: Do not contact the campus helpdesk for Angel assistance, call the Open SUNY Helpdesk at 1-800-875-6263.

Campus Support
For questions and assistance with Distance Learning related matters, please contact our staff during normal business hours

Academic Coordinator:  Michael Knauth        631-420-2040  michael.knauth@farmingdale.eduInstructional Designer: Christopher Weppler 631-420-2632  chris.weppler@farmingdale.edu
Instructional Designer: Maya Bentz              631-420-2168  maya.bentz@farmingdale.edu

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