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Solar Energy Center

Solar Energy Center of Farmingdale State University of New York is accredited as a "Training Institution" and "Continuing Education Institution" on Solar Energy by the Institute of Sustainable Power. This is the first such center to be accredited in the Northeast and the fourth in the entire USA.

Important News for PV Installers

North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) has launched their certification program for PV installers. Future exam locations will be determined based upon geographical distribution of candidates to minimize travel time to exam sites. Farmingdale State University will be one of the exam sites. Applications for the exam can be found at NABCEP's web site at

Upcoming workshops:

For upcoming training workshops click here and choose 'Training' in the navigation menu.

Contact us:

Adam Filios, PhD

Electrical Engineering Technology Department

Phone: (631) 420-2120

Fax: (631) 420-2194

email: filiosaa@FARMINGDALE.EDU