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STEM and Energy Summer Program

STEM and Energy Summer Program provides middle and high school students with an introduction to the concepts of energy, science, engineering, technology and leadership through a module-based, hands-on education. The summer program’s engineering modules are created by the School of Engineering Technology faculty and are designed to challenge, excite, and motivate students while teaching them STEM and energy concepts.

Following the ongoing educational innovations at Farmingdale State College, the summer program will provide students theoretical and practical (hands-on) training to address real-life challenges in engineering, science and sustainability. Each day, students will work in teams with an engineering faculty member to learn a new field in STEM and energy through the hands-on modules. Each module will involve discussions and brainstorming sessions that promote students’ critical and creative thinking skills.

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STEM and Energy Summer Program Modules

Introduction to Energy and STEM:
This will provide an overview of Energy and STEM applications, how these two concepts are related to each other; as well as the 2 week schedule with real-life examples, discussion questions and an ice-breaker project.

Real World Energy and Engineering Challenges:
An overview of energy challenges and the need for addressing these challenges will be covered in this module. Students will work in teams to address and solve different types of energy challenges. This active learning module will emphasize the importance of energy and engineering, while improving students’ critical thinking skills.

Energy Sustainability:
The concept of sustainability and it’s relation to sustainable energy applications will be covered in this module. Sustainability in manufacturing, assembly and production will be discussed, followed by brainstorming sessions on sustainability, carbon footprint and the conservation of energy.

Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Cells:
This module will focus on solar energy and will introduce the concept of renewable energy and the benefits and challenges of using the solar energy. A hands-on experiment with photovoltaic cells will be demonstrated, where students will learn how to collect solar energy to generate electricity. Students will also visit the Farmingdale State College Solar Carport and will review live data for energy generation.

Wind Energy and Wind Turbine:
This will focus on wind energy and will continue to introduce the concept of renewable energy and the benefits and challenges of using wind energy. A hands-on experiment with wind turbines will be demonstrated, where students will learn how wind turbines work. Students will visit Farmingdale State College’s small scale wind farm to learn about wind energy.

Electrical Energy and Energy Generation:
The concepts of electrical energy, design and the connection of electrical circuitry on a board will be covered in this module. A hands-on experiment with analog boards will provide experience in measuring electrical concepts such as voltage, current and resistance.

Energy Efficiency Measurement with Robotics:
The robotics module will focus on the use of robotic application in the field of energy. K’nex robotics applications will be used for a hands-on robotics project. Students will work in teams to build and program a robotic car to collect temperature data in the Energy Smart House. Following the data collection, students will provide solutions on how to heat and cool the house more energy efficiently.

Summer 2015 Schedule

Week 1: July 13, 2015 to July 17, 2015

Week 2: July 20, 2015 to July 24, 2015

Please check back soon for the daily schedule.

For more information send your inquiries to smartgrid@farmingdale.edu.