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Educational Seminars

Automotive Energy Technology

The Renewable Energy & Sustainability Center (RESC) at Farmingdale State College presents a discussion on Automotive Energy Technology by Howard Edelman.

This meeting is intended for all interested parties, for those who are participants or interested in the IEEE Long Island Section Entrepreneurs Network, for members of the Huntington Senior Engineers Club and the Farmingdale State College Engineers Club.

The main topic will be Automotive Energy Technology.


  1. Current vehicle fuels, breathing, power and efficiency and economics.
    1. Gas
    2. Gas turbo
    3. Gas direct injection
    4. Gas Direct injection Turbo
    5. Diesel
    6. Diesel Turbo
    7. Hybrid – how it gains power and efficiency. Economics
  2. Current plug in all electric vehicles and power efficiency and economics.
  3. Hydrogen Fuel cell
  4. Effects of traffic congestion on performance
  5. Other
  6. How each of the major players is doing since the financial crash and major reorganization.
  7. Other costs of each type of vehicle
    1. Politics of oil and costs involved...
    2. Health costs
    3. Future costs of non-renewable energy and materials and rare elements.
    4. Traffic congestion
    5. Global warming
    6. You pays now or you pays later
  8. Highways and roads:
    1. Lack of maintenance
    2. Lack of reengineering – modernization
    3. Safety planning
    4. Need for intelligent planning
    5. Traffic congestion
    6. Need for efficiency and safety
    7. Cost to improve and cost not to improve
Speaker: Howard Edelman, Edelman Business Systems

Date: 7/30/2014
Time: 5:30 pm
Cost: FREE

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Farmingdale State College, 2350 Broadhollow Road, Farmingdale, NY 11735
Lupton Hall - Room T101

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