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Renewable Energy Generation

Solar Carport

The solar carport installation is part of the Long Island Smart Energy Corridor project, a partnership with PSEG Long Island, and Stony Brook University. This project, installed at Farmingdale State College, was funded through a U.S. Department of Energy grant to promote renewable and sustainable forms of energy.

The carport canopy is adorned with both the Farmingdale State College and newly created Renewable Energy & Sustainability Center(RESC) logos. The solar carport will create renewable energy in the form of electricity through solar panels located on the roof of the solar carport canopy. (The carport has the ability to create approximately 95kW of power on a sunny day.)

The carport is also equipped with 10 GE Durastation double pedestal charging stations each with a vinyl wrap, to represent the Renewable Energy & Sustainability Center and Farmingdale State College. The charging stations can charge up to 20 electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV’s). The carport is located in parking lot number 5 behind the Lupton Hall building where the School of Engineering Technology is located. It was installed by Solar Liberty, a New York State based company that was awarded the project through a federal grant bidding process.

The Solar carport is used to display and encourage the use of renewable energy in the form of alternative fuel vehicles. The RESC offers tours to local businesses and residents to demonstrate the benefits of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. As part of this tour we will display various electric vehicles and how they interface with the charging stations. We discuss the potential savings by switching to an alternative fuel vehicle and the reduction of carbon emissions.

The Renewable Energy & Sustainability Center continues to monitor and display the energy produced by the solar panels, and use the data for public outreach and education. The benefits of solar energy will be demonstrated to the public in terms of energy savings and carbon footprint reduction.

Please bring this form to Campus Police. You will then be contacted by someone from the Renewable Energy & Sustainability Center with additional information. There is a refundable deposit of $10 cash to receive an access card.

Please take a look at our energy production: Live Data

Wind Turbines

The small scale wind farm produces 7.2kW of wind energy that is fed back into the campus energy grid. The three wind turbines stand 70ft and are located in the field located behind the student parking lots.