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The International Energy and Sustainability Conference 2013

Recently, Farmingdale State College received a grant from DOE encompassing most of the Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy Conservation, Energy Storage, good building practices, advances in automotive technology as pertaining to hybrid automobiles etc. Through this grant and initiatives of the School of Engineering Technology, the College has established a “Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center”.

In the past, the Solar Energy Center at Farmingdale State College has successfully conducted solar conferences under the title Solar Long Island since 2003. It also collaborated with Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC) of SUNY Stony Brook in the recent past to conduct these conferences. The funding for these conferences year after year came mainly from the Federal Department of Energy (DOE) under the Million Solar Roofs Initiative and also through generous sponsorships from organizations such as LIPA, National Grid, Farmingdale College Foundation and many others.

The emphasis of these past conferences has been to provide an opportunity for stake holders, governmental agencies, academia and the general public to discuss strategies to remove barriers in the adaptation of the solar technology.

The upcoming conference is organized by the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center as a step toward expanding on the themes of earlier conferences and exploring all aspects of Smart Grid Technologies to shape our future in Energy Security.

The faculty and staff of the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center invite your continued support to meet a unified vision through this conference to create an energy secure environment for the future generations to come.

Conference Chairs
Kamal Shahrabi FSC
Marjaneh Issapour FSC
Serdar Elgun FSC
Executive Advisory Board
Peter Gollon Sierra Club
Charles Rubenstein IEEE
Joanne Schindelhiem LIPA
Program Committee
Yellesphur Dathatri FSC
John Gao FSC
Jeff Hung FSC
Nazrul Islam FSC
Tara Kirsch FSC
Steve R. Maybloom FSC
Miriam Rafailovich SBU
Neil P. Ramos FSC
Kenneth Tax FSC
Mohamad Zoghi FSC
Paper Review Committee
Uma Balaji FSC
George Ello IEEE
Susan Frank IEEE
Nazrul Islam FSC
Matthew Nissan IEEE
Poster Judges
Nazrul Islam FSC
Jeff Hung FSC
Miriam Rafailovich SBU
Bahar Zoghi FSC
Mohamad Zoghi FSC
Farmingdale State College FSC
Stony Brook University SBU
Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center AERTC
Long Island Power Authority LIPA
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE