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International Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process:

How do I know if I should apply as an International Student?

All US Citizens, Permanent Residents, or those seeking to apply for Permanent Residency should apply through regular admissions.

How do I apply?

Applicants can apply online by visiting and clicking the “APPLY NOW” link. The application fee is $50 USD; for detailed information about how to apply and required documents please read the International Admissions Directions on the Admissions page of the Farmingdale website

What is the application deadline for admission?

Complete applications are recommended by March 1st to allow sufficient time to process the necessary documents and provide the best opportunity for course selection. Some programs have limited enrollment and may close prior to the application deadline. Applications must be received no later than June 1st for the Fall semester and November 1st for the Spring semester.

What are the admissions requirements for students applying directly from secondary school?

Secondary school records must reflect academic achievement equivalent to the minimum for admissions (B average) when converted to the American grading scale.

What are the academic requirements for admission for students transferring with post secondary credentials?

Students who have attended post secondary schooling either in their home country or the United States must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or better. We require that foreign credentials be evaluated by a member of NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services); World Education Services (WES) is recommended.

Is there an ESL option on campus?

We do not offer ESL preparation on campus. Prior to admittance students must demonstrate English language proficiency.

How is English Language Proficiency evaluated?

There are several ways to evaluate English Language Proficiency:

  • SAT score of 430 on the Critical Reading Section
  • TOEFL score of 68 on the internet-based test (IBT)
  • Completion of a college-level English Composition course with a grade of C or better
  • IELTS score of 6

Applicants must meet the minimum score requirement in order to be admitted to the College.

Do you accept scanned documents?  

Yes, scanned financial documents are acceptable for admissions purposes; however, admissions decisions and transfer credits are only evaluated with official academic documents.

Do you offer conditional admission?

Yes. If a student has a proven track record of academic success we can offer provisional acceptance. Please note that I-20’s will not be issued until all required documents are received.

When will I know if I am accepted?

Applicants should receive a decision on their application within three weeks after all academic records and test scores are received by the Admissions office.

Is a tuition deposit required?
Yes. A tuition deposit of $100 is required to hold your spot in the upcoming class.

Is summer admission an option?

No, student can only be admitted to the Fall and Spring semesters beginning in August and January.

Are there any programs that are not open to international students?

Students attending on an F-1 Student Visa must be enrolled in either an AS or BS degree program (enrollment in a certificate program is not an option for F-1 students). Nursing and Dental Hygiene are also not offered to international students.

How can I check the status of my application?

Applicants can check the status of their applications online via OASIS (Online Administrative Student Information System).   Click the “Current Students” tab on the homepage of the Farmingdale website for a link to OASIS: (

Who can I contact with questions about my application?

Jeanne Soto
Assistant Director of Admissions
631-420-2633 (fax)

Where do I send my official academic records?

Sealed official academic records can be sent to our processing center at the following address:

Farmingdale State College
Attn: Admissions Processing
279 Broadway
Albany, NY 12204

Does Farmingdale offer financial aid to international students?

Unfortunately, Farmingdale does not offer financial assistance or scholarships to international students. International students must be self-supported and prove the ability to cover expenses for their entire period of study. Currently, the yearly obligation is $32,000 (for students who have local sponsors who will provide room and board the estimated cost of attendance is $22,000) and students must prepay the first semester. Please note that additional fees of approximately $18,000 are required for students entering the Professional Pilot program.

Is campus housing available?

We have new and newly renovated residence halls on campus offering both traditional and suite style accommodations. Rooms are offered on a first come first served basis and it is recommended to apply for housing as early as possible.

When do classes start?

Classes typically begin the last week of August for the Fall semester and the third week in January for the Spring semester. The academic calendar is available on the website at

When will I get my I-20?

I-20’s will not be issued until all required documents are received. Once cleared academically and financially, I-20’s are sent to the foreign address provided by the student via express mail.

How do I apply for my F-1 Visa?

Once accepted students will receive detailed instructions about how to apply for the F-1 Visa.   The length of time to process the Visa varies from country to country which is why we strongly recommend having your application in as early as possible.

How do I pay for my SEVIS Fee?

After acceptance students must pay a SEVIS fee directly to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Students will receive instructions about how to submit the necessary forms and additional information can be found at

Study, Exchange and Internship
Abroad Frequently Asked Questions

What is Study Abroad?

Study abroad is the opportunity to study in a foreign country for a variety of terms: summer, intersession, fall semester, spring semester and full year.

What are the eligibility requirements to study abroad?

Depending on the program, there is certain requirements such as a minimum GPA, a minimum number of college credits already completed or years in college completed and sometimes language proficiency. There are programs that you can participate in as early as the summer after freshman year.

Where can I travel to?

As a student of the SUNY system (comprised of 64 campuses) you are able to apple to any program offered by any school in the SUNY system as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. Currently there are 600 programs being offered in 60 countries on all 7 continents.

Do I need a Passport and/or Visa?

To travel to any country outside of the US and Puerto Rico you will need a passport. A visa is required for most programs that are a semester or longer in duration.

Do I need to be able to speak a foreign language?

There are some programs that have language requirements but there are also a great number of programs that offer instruction in English. The Language requirements will depend on the courses chosen and students’ major requirements.

Where do I go to learn more about opportunities for study abroad? is a great database of all the programs offered through SUNY. On campus you can go to Laffin Hall room 302 to speak with a member of the International Education office to explore the options offered by both Farmingdale State College and SUNY.

When am I able to apply for study abroad?

You can apply as soon as you have the idea to further your education abroad. Most programs have deadlines a few months in advance so the sooner you know you would like to apply, the better.

What is the cost of studying abroad?

As a student of Farmingdale State College, tuition for any abroad program will be the same as tuition to take a course here on campus! The added expenses of study abroad might be program fees (if there is planned tours or events while you are there, meals, travel with the program etc) room and board (if available), your own spending money, flight cost, books and other materials needed for the courses may not be included in the program fee.

Can I use Financial Aid to pay for a program?

Yes, you can use financial aid to pay for a study abroad program. The financial aid office in Laffin Hall, 3rd floor will be able to help you set that up.

Why should I study abroad? What benefits will come from having taken the opportunity to study in another country?

Study abroad can be a great opportunity to network with people from all over the world. In this world of business that is growing globally, it is important in most industries to be well cultured. On a resume, this kind of college experience will stand out to future employers. You should study abroad because it is a great way to earn credits. Why not earn credits while immersing yourself in another culture and traveling in another city. The benefits are endless as you get to see a new place in the world, meet new people, make global connections, earn credits, travel, and broaden your horizons on many different levels. It is such an individual growing experience that it so highly recommended by all that have participated.