Current Tenants


Codagenix is commercializing a software-based platform for vaccine development – this platform is a Research Foundation for State University of New York technology. Codagenix has a breakthrough approach to live-attenuated vaccine design called SAVE (Synthetic Attenuated Virus Engineering). Trial and error has been the only option in vaccine development for 150 years. The SAVE platform instead relies on synthetic biology and the "re-designing" of a target virus's entire genome to yield a vaccine strain. This customization process uses software-based algorithm to 're-code' the genome of a target virus.


Mitogenetics is a limited liability company organized under Iowa law in December 2010, is the exclusive license holder of a biomedical technology (the "technology") designed by our licensor, The Research Foundation of State University of New York. The company's focus is mitochondria dysfunction which has been linked to certain disorders and diseases of the human body such as Autism, Parkinson's, Lou Gehrig's, muscular dystrophy, and chronic fatigue.