Applied Mathematics

Center for Applied Mathematics

The Center for Applied Mathematics is currently working on several projects for industry, state government and Farmingdale State College. Student teams are working on the projects under faculty supervision. The projects are:

  1. The Embassy Industry Baseboard Heating Optimization Problem

    There are three teams of students working on the project. The goal is to increase the amount of heat being generated from a heating element by 10% using the same amount of material or to produce the same amount of heat using 10% less material. The students visited Embassy Industries and had a factory tour. They learned how baseboard heating elements are designed, built, and implemented. The students met with an engineer who discussed the blueprint designs. Currently the students are working with a model using the method of fin efficiency to increase the baseboard heater's efficiency. Dr. Irina Neymotin is directing the project. The Fall 2000 report is available. 

  2. The Route 110 Traffic Flow Model

    A student team is constructing a traffic flow model to study the change in traffic density if a light rail system were to be constructed along route 110 or if staggered work times were implemented at businesses along route 110. The students have acquired data on current conditions on route 110 such as the average number of vehicles on various sections of route 110 for every one-hour interval of the day. They produced a questionnaire to ascertain public willingness to use possible new means of public transportation. Students from the Sociology Department helped produce the questionnaire. Both Sociology students and Statistics students are working together at about 30 places along route 110 to conduct the survey. The students are using the traffic flow software Mac Trans Highway capacity Manual. The team visited the NY State Department of Transportation to obtain information and possibly will work with the DOT on modeling the design of new ramps of access at the intersection of the LIE and Route 110. Dr. Carlos Marques is the Project Director.

  3. Forecasting in the Car Rental Industry

    The students are analyzing a large data set from a car rental company to establish forecasting models for car rental demand. Predicting the accurate rental demand is vital to the company's daily operation. The project requires students to build rental demand forecasting models using either time series models ( moving averages, exponential smoothing) or regression models. The students must present and interpret their results. Dr. Yajun Yang is the Project Director.

  4. Statistical Analysis of Campus Issues

    The students worked in teams on projects of interest to Farmingdale State College Institutional Research. The projects included: Quality of Life for Farmingdale State College Students, Farmingdale State College Food Services Analysis, Why Students Attend Farmingdale, Does Hours Worked Influence GPA? The data was organized and analyzed using Minitab. Dr. Lou Perone was the Project Director.