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BCS 425: Decision Support and Data Warehousing

This course integrates systems analysis, programming, database and networking for better decision making. Decision Support Systems (DSS) characteristics are covered followed by a survey of the various DSS models. Topics covered will include hardware and software technologies that support a DSS, Expert Systems, Data Warehousing, OLAP and Data Mining. Case studies will be used to illustrate these systems. The course will provide a strong foundation for the use of models within the context of building and using decision support systems, and it will focus on multi-dimensional databases. Credits: 3.00


BCS 262, BCS 260, BCS 300, BCS 301.  All have a minimum grade of D.

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, students will:

    1. Understand the business reasons for creating data warehouses and OLAP cubes.
    2. Understand the characteristics of OLTP databases, data warehouses, and OLAp cubes and the reasons for creating them.
    3. Design and construct a business solution that includes a data warehouse and an OLAP cube.
    4. Understand, design, and construct a solution that will populate a data warehouse and an OLAP cube.
    5. Design and construct a basic reporting solution.


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