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BCS 215: UNIX Operating Systems

This course develops the fundamental knowledge of computer operating systems using UNIX. Topics include basic understanding of the UNIX system, utilizing the file-system, programming language and security system.  Credits: 3.00

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, students will:

    1. Learn about the origins of UNIX.
    2. Learn about the UNIX file system, as well as the different flavors of UNIX.
    3. Learn how to manipulate files in the UNIX file system.
    4. Understand how to use basic UNIX commands.
    5. Learn the VI editor.
    6. Learn about the importance of scripting.
    7. Learn simple scripting using the Bourne Shell or Korn Shell.
    8. How to implement loops, case, and if statements within a shell script.


Palmer, Michael - Guide to UNIX Using Linux, 4th Edition
Course Technology/ Cengage, ISBN 9781418837235