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BCS 120: Foundations of Computer Programming I

This course introduces the C++ Programming Language as a means of developing
structured programs. Students will be taught to develop algorithms using top-down
stepwise refinement. Students will be introduced to the concept of Object Oriented
programming through the use of pre-defined classes. In addition, students will get a
thorough exposure to C++ syntax and debugging techniques. Credits: 3.00

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, students will:

    1. Be introduced to a four-stage process of program development: analysis, design, implementation and testing.
    2. Learn the standard data types, namely int, float, double, char, and bool.
    3. Learn to use traditional repetition constructs, that is, for, while and do-while.  They should be able to employ both determinate (counter control) and indeterminate (sentinel control) loops.
    4. Be able to use decisions (if, if-else and switch).
    5. Learn how to decompose a large problem into smaller ones and use functions to solve these smaller problems.
    6. Understand the use of value parameters in functions.
    7. Understand the difference between void functions and those that return a value..
    8. Be introduced to the use of sequential files for storing and retrieving data.
    9. Get an introduction to arrays.


Malik, D.S. - C++ Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design, 7th Edition
Course Technology, 

ISBN-10: 1285852745
ISBN-13: 9781285852744