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BCS 101: Programming Concepts and Problem Solving

This course will provide an introduction to programming logic and problem solving techniques using different programming languages. The topics covered in this course will provide the skills needed to learn languages such as Visual Basic, C++ and JAVA. Topics include such items as constants and variables, data types, scope of variables, basic logic constructs, subroutines and functions. Credits: 3.00

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, students will:

    1. Understand basic programming constructs like control flow, operators, arrays, and data types.
    2. Understand various control structures including simple sequence, decision and iteration.
    3. Be able to write basic programs in Visual Basic, and C++.
    4. Understand the difference between syntax errors and logic errors.
    5. Learn the difference between compiled and interpreted programs.


Farrell, Joyce - An Object-Oriented Approach to Programming Logic and Design, 4th Edition
Cengage Learning, ISBN 9781133188223