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William James Austin Ph.D.

Rank: Associate Professor
B.A., Queens College
M.A., Ph.D., Tulane University
Office: Knapp 19
Phone:   631.420.2077        
William James Austin's Underworld  

Dr. William James Austin received his Ph.D from Tulane University on Fellowship.  He has published six books and over 130 poems, theoretical articles, and book reviews.  His visual art has been exhibited in both the Americas and Europe.  In 2001 and again in 2010, Dr. Austin was featured at the University of Ohio’s Avant-Garde Symposium.  His poetry has been translated into Romanian and Russian, and has been published in those, and several other, European countries.  He has been the subject of several journal and newspaper articles by European critics and translators.  The Russian translation of his long poem, “Aeneas in Hell,” was the subject of a session at the 2002 Stevens Institute of Technology’s Biennial Translation Conference.  Dr. Austin has been interviewed for PBS, NTV, and the BBC.  In his youth, Dr. Austin wrote lyrics and music for well known recording artists and television.  Most recently, he completed a 2011 reading tour of Russia.